About Us (Me)

My name is AFK Geek (It's not really but I like it)
I am a full-time security consultant with about 4 and a half years experience as well as a very part-time developer. As a consultant I have often had to create little tools and scripts to help me with my day to day life. Whilst these are not always relevant for the wider audiences, this has led me to have a number of ideas for useful applications that should be shared with everyone.

AFK App Development was started as a way for me to take the ideas I had for applications and useful tools and share them with you. To take the knowledge and guidance I have and present it in a way that is useful to everyone.

My main aim with a lot of my tools and applications was to provide a way to show the everyday user what their online presence looks like and what information they are sharing with the Internet, knowingly or otherwise. Others were more for fun and, if possible, to try to be useful and helpful.

So what can you expect from me? A lot of experimentation, a few useful things, but overall a willingness to share my knowledge with all of you.

Thank you and stay tuned.